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Our Team

The Retreat believes that continued training is essential to personal growth for all employees of the facility. Our motivated staff participates in ongoing professional improvement.

All staff members participate in individual, self guided learning.
In addition to these unique learning lessons, each staff member participates in monthly group learning sessions led by our own physicians, nurse educators, or Ph.D. trained behavior specialist.

The mission of the facility is to provide services that go above and beyond others in the field and to concentrate all our efforts on dementia specialty care. It is our sincere hope that the families that entrust their loved one to The Retreat will feel a sense of security and safety knowing that The Retreat is dedicated to staff training, ongoing learning and translating the latest care research into daily programs.


Creating Daily Joy

The unique care programs developed specifically for The Retreat are focused on meeting the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of persons with dementia. We partner with family members to develop individual care programs that meet the unique needs of each person who lives here.

All the professionals at The Retreat are extensively trained in the most current interventions, treatments and approaches to use when caring for someone with any stage of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. We have developed all our care programs using university-based research and best practices from around the country.

Below is a listing of the programs we feature:

  • Living Each Day – a unique program that promotes social activity and positive interactions.
  • Daily TLC – a specialized approach designed to maintain dignity while anticipating and meeting care needs.
  • Guardian Angels – a welcoming program that assists in the transition to community life.
  • The Spa – the best approaches and environments to assist with bathing.
  • The Crossing – a palliative approach for end-of-life care in late-stage dementia.
  • In the Moment – a Ph.D. designed program that assists in managing difficult symptoms.
  • E3! Experience Excellence Everyday – our customer service programs for staff that prepare us to exceed your expectations.

What Makes us Unique

We understand that living with dementia can be a difficult road. The Retreat believes in honoring the total person – regardless of their disease. We care about who each resident has been, who they are today and who they will grow to be tomorrow.

The Retreat was specifically designed to care for the many symptoms that accompany Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias. The result has been an award winning, unique residence that combines state-of-the-art programs with an environment that always feels warm, familiar and welcoming.

Our gentle, daily care is based on anticipating physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The Retreat is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and we are happy to welcome you and your loved one to our family of care and services.